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GAME: KAROMAN BEGINS Download Now on Google Play!

GAME: KAROMAN BEGINS Download Now on Google Play!






Since issued in android play store in Beta 1 version in January 2013 and Beta 2 version in April 2013, Crazy Birds is played by hundreds thousands of people, with a great number of sale. From the available data, 80 % Crazy Birds players from Indonesia and 20 % from abroad, and now it has a full release Crazy Birds.

See Crazy Birds video game here :

Crazy Birds ever got an offer from foreign vendors, but the Crazy Birds do not allow  them, because this is the work of Indonesia to be proud of.

After successfully issued a Crazy Birds game, then in September 2013 Dokter Toy Indonesia, co. Ltd. with Digital Media Mulia released the newest game, KAROMAN Begins a turn-based strategy game developed from Crazy Birds game which has been launched previously.

This game sparked users to think more creatively in play, how to attack and the selection of the right character can be a powerful strategy to get through level after level until winning the battle.

See KAROMAN Begins video game here :

Characters that have more than 1 star power will be more robust when faced with obstacles in every level. Users should upgrade KAROMAN character to face a challenging battle .

Get an unique experience and achievements in KAROMAN battle that will invite the best players in each period.

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